This greenhouse is great for growing all types of plants: you can prick in sprouts, cultivate warmth-loving plants, harvest early and off-season yield of vegetables, grow flowers and even grapes.
Foundation of the arch shaped frame is made of parallel bows with internal weaving and reinforcements, which make EcoSlider EL greenhouse extra durable. Arch shaped construction is similar to a transparent tunnel, which is closed off at both ends by large doors and ventilation windows.
Due to use of high quality polycarbonate cover this greenhouse will endure even the harshest weather: strong winds, wet snow, hail and UV radiation exposure.
Arch shaped greenhouse provides full and even inner space lighting. Streamlined design reduces stratification of light.
Our company offers EcoSlider EL greenhouses in standard width size of 3 meters. Greenhouse is made of standard 1m long modules that make greenhouse assembly easier and allow to quickly expand the greenhouse to required length. The length of EcoSlider EL greenhouse is limitless.
EcoSlider EL greenhouses are equipped with a 6 mm polycarbonate cover and metallic foundation with 100 cm distance between beams.
If necessary, EcoSlider EL greenhouse can be easily moved from one place to another, without disassembling it, by removing ground fixtures at the first location and by fixing them in second location.
Automatic ventilation and watering options are also available, as well as we offer Modules for water&electricity supply.
EcoSlider EL greenhouses are shipped in separate boxes for metal and polycarbonate parts.