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Hunter Pro-C is one of the most popular and advanced irrigation systems preferred by professionals and amateurs. Hunter Pro-C is a professional automatic irrigation system controller used in commercial greenhouses. In addition to the traditional quality and reliability of Hunter products, this updated controller has a number of useful features. Waterproof-cased control unit Hunter Pro-C is not just an operation board with huge number of functions and controlling possibilities, but also the most reliable and easy-to-use solution according to experts. Hunter Pro-C irrigation control system allows you to change at any time the number of irrigation areas to be under control (from 3 to 15) just by the way of installing additional expansion modules.
Updated Pro-C has several advantages:

  • soil moisture sensor,
  • remote control,
  • two level protection against power surges,
  • ability to schedule irrigation as adjusted for seasonality. Seasonal modulation of the irrigation intensity can be adjusted from 10% to 200%,
  • programmable irrigation delay,
  • various basic programs with different daily schedules, each one with its own temporary features,
  • main valve configuration mode. This valve is required to protect large systems against water hammer.
  • In case of a power cut all the settings will be saved and after the power supply is restored irrigation will go on in the previously set mode.
  • operating temperature is from -17 up to 65 C°. The device has weatherproof case.
  • built-in test system.
  • soil moisture sensor (option),
  • remote control (option),

Pro-C control unit has also a possibility to control lightning system. Additionally installed option allows you to manage three transformers of the lighting system using 3 new programs (L1, L2, L3). Both lightning program and automatic irrigation program are easily adjustable through the Pro-C control unit.

Automatic irrigation systems Hunter can be found in greenhouses, private premises, landscaped parks, and plant nurseries – wherever the irrigation quality is given special attention.

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